Being a stone patient is difficult but what makes it worse is that half of these patients will have a recurrence in the next 10 years. It is thus important that the composition of this stone be analyzed and necessary dietary modifications (Kidney Stone diet) be done to prevent a recurrence.

Kidney Diet Tips:

Fluid Intake & Hydration

The body needs to have a good amount of fluid intake to keep body to stay hydrated. It will ensure that the bladder produces less concentrated urine, transparent and not pale yellow.

It’s recommended to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day to pass enough fluid a day. You can also have some citrus juices like lemonade or an orange liquid that contains Vitamin C in high quantity.

Reducing Sodium Intake:

Higher amount of sodium intake can cause calcium build up in the urine that can cause the leakage of the quantity of calcium already present in the body.

It’s suggested to keep the sodium intake limited to 2,300 mg per day and for the patients who are already have stones in their kidney are recommended to keep the daily sodium intake limited to 1,300 mg only.

It’s not only beneficial for preventing kidney stones and blocking the formation of it, but it is also stabilizes and maintains the blood pressure levels. It is advised to consume canned, packed and processed foods as minimum as you can, as it has hidden sodium in it.

Limit High Oxalate Content Foods:

When making your kidney friendly diet, you must neglect foods and beverages that contain a high amount of calcium oxalates in it.

Foods such as beets, nuts, berries, spinach, and drinks like tea possess a high amount of calcium oxalates that can lead to the formation of kidney stones and further cause difficulty in the passing of urine.

It’s recommended that you consume and combine foods such as yogurt, cheese and other milk products that are rich in calcium with foods that are rich in oxalates, like these, both will bind one another in the intestine itself and will prevent itself from entering the kidneys and forming stones there.

Reduce Animal Protein Intake:

It is always exhort to restrict animal protein intake presents in red meat, poultry, or seafood products. Animal protein can increase uric acid levels, thus making the process of developing kidney stones fast.

Consuming a small and limited amount of animal protein in the form of red meat is beneficial for your heart and won’t cause any kidney related issues.

Limit the Consumption of Vitamin C Supplements:

Oxalates may cause themselves to build up fast if the Vitamin C consumption is more than sufficient. Heavy doses of Vitamin C can lead to kidney stone formation.

Avoid Consumption of Carbonated Drinks:

Carbonated and caffeinated drinks like pops or cola contain high amounts of sugar and phosphate that can again boost developing kidney stones. These carbonated drinks are added with sucrose and fructose syrups that can elevate the risk associated with kidney stone formation.

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